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it's the juice that makes it juicy

drink up

11 June 1982
i am an open book.
ability, air conditioning, ayn rand, balance, being responsible, better living through chemistry, big cities, birth control, blue, books, bootyliscious vinyl, boys, bubble bobble, care bears, check-ups, chicago, chinese food, choice, circle city derby girls, cleavage, cold stone creamery, collages, color guard, computers, consistency, continuity, conversations, creativity, crushes, cuddling, curiosity, cycling, dreams, driving, drunken summer nights, education, electronic music, energy, flirting, focus, freedom, friends, futurama, geometric patterns, getting mail, goals, honesty, hoodies, hooker earings, hot dates, house music, human behavior, independence, indiana, indianapolis, indy def squad, inspiration, interstates, introspection, ipwib, japanese, journals, karma, kissing, kittens, learning, logic, long island iced teas, love, making new friends, making out, marching band, math, mini-skirts, mobiles, movies, mp3s, music, musicals, newsies, nighttime bike rides, objectivity, observation, pale riddah, parties, pasta, pen pals, penguins, personal expression, photography, piano, pinochle, polaroids, postcards, projects, quotes, race city rebels, raves, reason, road trips, robots, roller derby, rooftops, running, safe sex, sarcasm, secrets, self-examination, sex, sharing, snail mail, snuggles, stars, summer, sweaters, sweet tea, swimming, teaching, techno, the 80s, the beach, thunderstorms, turntablism, understanding, unity, waterfalls, windy city rollers, winterguard, wip3out, writing, wysiwyg, xine,