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ivories in the evenings

so i had dinner with my parents and my cousin sadie tonight. it was just pizza but it was good. and i really enjoyed the company.

i'm glad that my dad can talk to me about things that bother him at work. i generally don't understand much of what he tells me about but i can tell he feels better having gotten it off his chest.

and i'm really glad that i can talk to him about my life. i don't know if he thinks the same way that i do about things, but i do know that he understands how i think about them. and it's not even that i need to get advice from him, i just need to say things out loud and admit them to myself. affirm them. make them real.

i really like that i know what i want from life.

and i know that nothing that i want is out of my reach. what a great feeling...


anyway, i played a little piano while i was up in carmel. strangely enough, i wasn't even shy about playing in front of anyone. i wasn't any better or worse than the last time i played and i can't even remember when that was. it just felt so good to play again. i'd been wanting each of the last few times i visited, but the timing wasn't right.

my dad says i should come up everyday and practice before he gets home from work. it's tempting, but i hate that drive. i can't wait until i can have that piano in my own house.

i'm so happy that it's mine.

i'll be so excited to give it to my daughter someday.


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Mar. 24th, 2004 08:16 pm (UTC)
I don't know what it is that's so special about my dad getting things off his chest to me is either, but it does seems to satisfy him. He likes to bitch about softball a lot with me because we all grew up playing it. (He's one of the Tipton H.S. softball coaches) He assumes I know everyone on the team. I just pretend I do and say they suck along with him and he seems to feel some kind of bond with it.

I know my dad means well for me and he's very critical of everything I do, so that's why I strive so hard with my life's future so they can actually have someone to be proud of in the family, unlike Erin, who's 5000$ in debt and Diana who's in Human resources and possibly could get laid off.

I'm sure they'll be proud of what I do, but I want them to tell people I do more than "computers".
Mar. 24th, 2004 10:36 pm (UTC)
Heck yeah. You'll need to bust out some Billy Joel someday. You should open your own piano bar. The boys and I would come chill.
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