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ivories in the evenings

so i had dinner with my parents and my cousin sadie tonight. it was just pizza but it was good. and i really enjoyed the company.

i'm glad that my dad can talk to me about things that bother him at work. i generally don't understand much of what he tells me about but i can tell he feels better having gotten it off his chest.

and i'm really glad that i can talk to him about my life. i don't know if he thinks the same way that i do about things, but i do know that he understands how i think about them. and it's not even that i need to get advice from him, i just need to say things out loud and admit them to myself. affirm them. make them real.

i really like that i know what i want from life.

and i know that nothing that i want is out of my reach. what a great feeling...


anyway, i played a little piano while i was up in carmel. strangely enough, i wasn't even shy about playing in front of anyone. i wasn't any better or worse than the last time i played and i can't even remember when that was. it just felt so good to play again. i'd been wanting each of the last few times i visited, but the timing wasn't right.

my dad says i should come up everyday and practice before he gets home from work. it's tempting, but i hate that drive. i can't wait until i can have that piano in my own house.

i'm so happy that it's mine.

i'll be so excited to give it to my daughter someday.

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