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maybe i'm weird

ok, i know i'm weird. but that's beside the point.

jo3 offered to buy my skateboard from me today. admittedly, i haven't even tried to use it in at least a year (more like two) and even when i did use it i wasn't very good at anything but rolling around. but still, who tries to buy back birthday presents they gave to people--especially ex-girlfriends?!

i suppose offering to buy it back is somewhat better than just demanding it back like some exes do, but still.... it just seems completely inappropriate to me.

besides, the last thing i want is to have to see jo3 with yet another thing i provided him with.

had it not been jo3 and had he gone about it in a different way, i doubt it would have been such a big deal to me. for example, if he'd just brought up that he was skating again and was thinking about getting another board i might have just offered up mine. "you know, i haven't even used mine in years and now i don't have anyone around to help me learn. would you like to borrow/buy/have it?"

i guess i'm just offended that someone would blatantly point out that you don't use/like a certain gift. it doesn't matter if it's true, doing so puts you in the uncomfortable position of having to defend the gift out of politeness. obviously, they know you don't like the gift, but it's still the polite thing to do.

anyway, i really did want to learn to skate and i'm so mad at myself for not having the nerve to stick with it. getting rid of my board would be like completely giving up on that desire and i don't want to do that. i only like to half way give up on things.
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