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for those days when i need a good laugh

ahh... so amber and jamie had a play date today and harassed me on aim for quite some time. i doubt this will be funny for many other people, but i just wanted to have something to look back on when i need a laugh.

i mean, hello! are we 12?

seriously, though, thanks for the laughs.

ramonaforever13: oh, no you blocked me

Chauncy1441: it sounds like to me that you need an intenses serious ass fuckin.
Chauncy1441: u dumb white trash hillbilly.
Chauncy1441: >:o
Chauncy1441: Go back to Madison, we don't want your retarded DNA to mix here in Indy.
Chauncy1441: send it back to the Indiana Kentucky border where it belongs.
Chauncy1441: what you need is the DNA of a sexy Latino
Chauncy1441: Like mine, Santana Diaz
Chauncy1441: or maybe you just need some ass fuckin instead
Chauncy1441: punta
Chauncy1441: >:o

utormyhartout: i don't fucking know you why don't you fight with the person you are mad at and get the fuck over yourself

response to this
shak3well: i don't think i'd go around punching girls in the twat. sounds disgutsting
kittymcpoops: thanks for the advice
*** Auto-response sent to kittymcpoops: snooze mode
shak3well: oh you're very welcome
kittymcpoops: since you are in snooze mode.....goodnight
shak3well: g'night
(and in response to her comment "you commented on the wrong entry!")
shak3well: for clarification, did i say that was about me? nope. just said it sounded disgusting
kittymcpoops: i'm not all about starting drama so i was just clearing up any confusion that might arise out of this
shak3well: as was i
kittymcpoops: and i'm not planning on fisting anyone just punching the twat bone
shak3well: thanks for sharing
kittymcpoops: i thought you might want to try it out sometimes it really stuns the enemy
shak3well: thanks for the tip
kittymcpoops: anytime
kittymcpoops: anything more i can clear up for you?
shak3well: did i ask you to clear anything up?
kittymcpoops: yeah, you message me all the time to clear up things for me
kittymcpoops: *you not me
shak3well: i don't recall ever asking you to do such a thing
kittymcpoops: really? wow!
kittymcpoops: i just wish we could go back to being friends again
kittymcpoops: we should go dancing sometime
kittymcpoops: that would be gret
kittymcpoops: *great
shak3well: when were we friends.
kittymcpoops: next you are going to deny saying you loved me
shak3well: lol
kittymcpoops: don't tell me you don't remember our song?
shak3well: tell amber hello for me would ya. and ask her to email me about the hoodie.
shak3well: thanks a million
kittymcpoops: i'll tell her as soon as she gets here
shak3well: you're a pal
kittymcpoops: i know!
kittymcpoops: and so are you!
kittymcpoops: we are all going out for st. patty's day tonight, you are more than welcome to join
shak3well: no thanks
kittymcpoops: maybe next time
shak3well: maybe not
kittymcpoops: maybe yes
kittymcpoops: we will just stop by sometime then
kittymcpoops: i'll bring the hoodie so i can tap dat ass
shak3well: lol
kittymcpoops: it wasn't a joke
shak3well: it was hilarious nonetheless
kittymcpoops: you know you want this
kittymcpoops: anyway, at least i know i want you
kittymcpoops: i should put some clothes on now
kittymcpoops: hugs and kisses
kittymcpoops: stay off my lj or i will kill you!
shak3well: ban me
kittymcpoops: i already did
shak3well: then what are you telling me that for
shak3well: what choice do i have
kittymcpoops: i assume that it was you and not stew because i do not know him and do not know why he would comment to my lj
shak3well: maybe because amber brought him up
shak3well: though it was me
kittymcpoops: then comment on amber's journal
kittymcpoops: i could give a crap less about your drama
shak3well: she made the comment in yours
shak3well: so i commented there where it was relevant
kittymcpoops: because she made the comment to me....not you
shak3well: that's how comment threads work
kittymcpoops: thanks for explaining!
shak3well: glad to help
kittymcpoops: stop being the jealous ex
shak3well: lol
shak3well: if amber is going to talk shit, i'm going to comment
shak3well: i don't care where it is
kittymcpoops: then the twat punching is on bitch!
kittymcpoops: it was you that wrote because men don't say cute
kittymcpoops: if they do then you have a problem
shak3well: i just said it was me?
kittymcpoops: maybe i should let you comment on my journal so you can keep amusing me
shak3well: go for it
kittymcpoops: the rule is we get to make out after every comment you leave
shak3well: wow, my dream come true.
kittymcpoops: you owe me two times the tongue action now
kittymcpoops: i already commented to you stewballs, say something witty back now
shak3well: stewballs?
kittymcpoops: yep, that is his name, stewballs
kittymcpoops: you no likey stewballs?

pooperinbutt: we can do this all night.....
shak3well: great
pooperinbutt: i haven't done anything to you, i don't know you, i don't give a shit about you, why don't you just ignore my journal like ignore yours
shak3well: obviously you don't ignore it
pooperinbutt: you are mad at amber, not me, so stop trying to be a bitch to me....it doesn't work
pooperinbutt: i don't?
pooperinbutt: i don't read or comment on it
shak3well: you do read it.
shak3well: you mocked a spelling error in one of your comments
shak3well: stubtle i believe it was
pooperinbutt: i read when i'm told you wrote something amusing related to me or amber
pooperinbutt: i don't read yours like you read mine
shak3well: so you don't ignore it
pooperinbutt: once again.....YOU ARE MAD AT AMBER NOT ME!!!!!
shak3well: i'm not mad at you
shak3well: youre the one who keeps messaging me now
shak3well: you can't let it go?
pooperinbutt: i'm bored
pooperinbutt: you are the one trying to start a fight on my journal
pooperinbutt: we are all adults how about we let it go?
shak3well: well you've banned me. and amber/s banned me. and if you both actually ignored my journal then there wouldn't be a problem
shak3well: trying to start a fight?
shak3well: cuz i said somethign was cute?
pooperinbutt: you know what you were doing!
pooperinbutt: i banned you so you left a comment under stewballs name!
shak3well: no i didn't
pooperinbutt: ok? then who was it?
shak3well: like amber wasn't trying to start a fight with what she said?
pooperinbutt: the stewballs fairy?
shak3well: maybe it was stew, you fucking idiot
pooperinbutt: i am being very nice to you and now i'm pissed
pooperinbutt: why don't you go slit your wrists with a fucking pencil you ugly bitch
shak3well: lol. you're too much
shak3well: no wonder you went back to amber
pooperinbutt: amber is not the same person she was before and neither am i.....i'm sorry that you are ugly and jealous of us
shak3well: ha.
shak3well: so when are you planning on dropping this exactly
shak3well: i'm getting pretty bored with you
pooperinbutt: amber and i aren't bored with you
pooperinbutt: we are having a great time in fact
shak3well: oh i hope i'm not taking away from your sewing project time
pooperinbutt: maybe if you would not act like you are 12 we could have all sewed together and held hands, it would have been magical
pooperinbutt: i have an idea! you two get some boxing gloves and battle it out in the courtyard at lockefield then maybe i will be left out of this!
shak3well: you can leave yourself out right now. just stop messaging me and get a life
pooperinbutt: no
pooperinbutt: i have a life, i'm hanging out with my friend bothering you and getting ready to sew
pooperinbutt: why don't you guys kiss and make up?
pooperinbutt: then we can all be friends and it will be crazy beautiful just like the movie
pooperinbutt: amber says: i'm coming over now and punching you in the twat!
pooperinbutt: *twat bone

pooperinbutt: amber says: you wanna come over and sew with us?
pooperinbutt: amber says: why are you ignoring me?
pooperinbutt: amber says; if you come sew with us we will give you your hoodie
pooperinbutt: i wanna kiss you all over and over and over
pooperinbutt: ambersays: let put all of this behind us and be friends
shak3well: the only thing i want from amber is my hoodie
pooperinbutt: ha ha said amber
pooperinbutt: it is on its way to california!
pooperinbutt: ransom $$$
pooperinbutt: you can have it if i get kisses!
pooperinbutt: stop bugging me and seding shit because spam mail sucks and will not get rid of all your fucking mails, and i do not want to hear from you.
pooperinbutt: it makes me want to die, and then make out with you
pooperinbutt: oh yeah
shak3well: then just give hte hoodie back like you said you would 2 months ago
pooperinbutt: does that mean i get to ride you like a pony?
pooperinbutt: no pony ride???
pooperinbutt: no hoodie
pooperinbutt: will you wear that ugly hat when we ride the pony?
pooperinbutt: yay! an entry just for me!
shak3well: you deserved it
pooperinbutt: oh yeah, you got me
shak3well: was i trying to get you?
pooperinbutt: shak3well: you deserved it
shak3well: you deserved an entry all to yourself
pooperinbutt: thanks!
pooperinbutt: i feel so special
pooperinbutt: i should make one about you too
pooperinbutt: it will be about stewballs and shakewell getting pregnant from anal sex
pooperinbutt: keep checking back for it

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