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all that she wants

what does she want?!

jessicunt deiotte: how're ya?
*** Auto-response sent to jessicunt deiotte: snooze mode
jessicunt deiotte: i haven't spoke to you in a long time
shak3well: eh still half asleep =)
shak3well: yeah its been a minute
jessicunt deiotte: or 2
shak3well: home for break?
jessicunt deiotte: yep
jessicunt deiotte: so what is new
shak3well: eh not much. sorry i'm still practically asleep
jessicunt deiotte: no no it's fine
shak3well: so what made you decide to talk to me today
jessicunt deiotte: i dunno, i saw your name and wondered how you were
jessicunt deiotte: and either i could read your livejournal for an hour or just say hi
shak3well: lol
shak3well: god love LJ
jessicunt deiotte: haha or not!
shak3well: exactly
shak3well: i think you'd get a bad impression of me from that lately
jessicunt deiotte: well i haven't read it
shak3well: well i don't recommend it. although i am fine. i tend to only write about the bad times there
jessicunt deiotte: i think that is how most journals work
jessicunt deiotte: well i need to shower, hopefully we can catch up later?
shak3well: sure.
shak3well: bye.
jessicunt deiotte: take care

i've had a lot of "old friends" message me this morning who don't really have anything to say. i don't like when people do that. i know they have some motive for reconnecting, but they won't let me see what it is.

of course, perhaps not everyone functions on the same motives i do. i only call/write/message/visit people when i have an explicit agenda. i need or want something and i do an action to get it. i don't just show up to hang out or call to chat. that just seems like a waste of time since i don't particularly want or need those things.


Mar. 14th, 2004 05:43 am (UTC)
Off subject
This comment goes back a few posts ago, but I watch 'Lost In Translation' last night and while I agree it was pretty boring at times, I thought it was kind of a sad movie. In the good way. If that makes sense. Anywho, what I'm trying to say is that I didn't hate it. Now you have my pointless input to scoff at. ;-)

much love,

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