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all the small things

"i ate some of your cookies because i didn't think it would matter."

uhhh... hello! we weren't even on speaking terms, and you think i wouldn't mind you eating something my parents made for me? are you fucking retarded?


spooge>> hey we do have cheese!
swell>> well, actually, that's stewbot's. i bought it for him.
spooge>> you mean i can't eat stew's food?

what kind of question is that? of course not! it's his. and it's not even his, it's mine!

that's something that really bugs me about all the roommates i've ever had. how is it fair for me to buy food and them to eat it--especially when they never buy their own food which i could eat?! how on earth does that situation seem ok to anyone?


and fuck alex if she thinks she's ever going to eat anything i buy down there again! that bitch couldn't even offer me a pancake.


friendship is not a one way street, despite what 99% of my friends seem to think.

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