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word to the wise

"life would be so much easier if you even attempted to meet me half way."

i know i'm a bitch to joe. but i honestly think that's more than he deserves. and it's not half as bad as it could be. i could make his life hell if i wanted. but i don't want that. i just want him to realize what an asshole he is.

but apprently he can't take it. poor baby. it's the price you pay when you lie to your girlfriend about why you want to move in with her and how much you love her.

now, i know you're all thinking, "amanda, don't dwell on that. forgive and forget." but if i forget, then i'll just let some other asshole do it to me all over again. and i forgive, i'd be forgiving someone who isn't even sorry for what he did.

well, joe is sorry. he's sorry i don't take care of him anymore. he's sorry that i don't pay his way. he sorry that i don't want to fuck him. he's sorry i don't taxi him around, clean up after him or let him sleep in my bed.

he's not sorry he broke my heart.

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