sWell (shakewell) wrote,

drama in the morning

you know if you want to think it's about you
go right ahead
if you don't want to take my word for it
why bother asking
you've already got your mind made up
joe, you know i don't give a shit about what you think
or how you feel
just like you didn't care about me
life's not so easy when the tables are turned, eh
i don't see what the problem is
if i think she's ugly
i'm allowed to say so
if i think you're pathetic
i can say that too
if i want to hurt your feelings
i'm allowed
if you wanna read what i write
then you should know what to expect
anything you bring into this apartment
into my life
i can and probably will
state my opinion on it
if you can't take it
don't bring it here
and get the fuck out

you want me to meet you halfway
well i went 99% for three years
maybe in another three
i'll have something more to offer
but until then
you'll just have to deal with the 1%
you left me with
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