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it means business.

so, i just got back from the lockerbie pub with my friend shane long. and by friend, i mean this guy i hung out with on campus last semester who i met through a girl in my professional writing class. it was pretty cool getting to talk to him about shit besides school and work, so i guess maybe we are now really friends, as opposed to acquaintances.

since i hate going to the bars (but for some reason really wanted to go to tonight) i made him order my drinks for me. big mistake. he started me off with a 7 & 7 which is just whiskey (seagrams 7) with 7-up. that experience is parallel to drinking watered down vodka with dawn ellis in opiate's basement (no one but banjo or opiate could possibly appreciate that reference, but the point is the drink tastes horrible and there's more to drink because it is dilluted).

after that he got me some fruity drink with 7-up that just tasted like sweet, sweet candy. i'll have to get the name of that tomorrow.

anyway, i had a really great time. we both just kind of bitched about our shitty jobs drama with friends/significant others. then we shared a bunch of drug experiences and had a lot of good laughs about those. sometime, i'd like to rant about my thoughts about the legality of drugs, but not right now.

i'm drinking a rolling rock at the moment. i don't like beer. and i'm not drinking to get drunk. i find this intriguing. this is probably only the fourth time i've even drank in the apartment and maybe only the second time i've ever drank without the intention of getting hammered. the idea of addiction comes to mind, but one beer certainly does not an alcoholic make.

eh, but it's nice to have new friends. i was getting so sick of having the same pointless conversations with the same vapid people here. it's nice to be around people who actually think about things besides themselves.

well, time for bed i think.

nini, jerks.


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Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:23 pm (UTC)
it's great meeting new people, especially when you really get along with them. i'm pretty much sick of all my friends here right now. it's hard to meet people once you are out of college. bleh!
Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:26 pm (UTC)
i have a hard enough time meeting people at school, i can't imagine how difficult it will be afterward. lucky for me i'll probably never graduate.

also, i hate meeting people at work. i mean, they can be cool, but it never fails that some shit goes down and then suddenly it sucks twice as bad to go in for your shift.
Mar. 2nd, 2004 12:40 pm (UTC)
i made out with a TA from one of my communication classes in college at a bar one time. now THAT was hard going to class after that.
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