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fashion whore

i could totally get into fashion again
looking good makes me feel good
so good

i wanna go dancing
cuz i got hot new kicks
(so glad i didn't buy those roos for her)
and they're itchin' to get out

plus i found the perfect mini skirt

now i just need to tan these pasty legs
and heal my drunken bruises

i can't wait til xheartfallx's bday bash
i'm going to dance until i puke

in other news
i bought $65 pants for $5
i love sales
and i'm apparently a size 3
i don't believe
(really, i don't)

i also fixed up my ufo skit
so i could wear it this weekend
and show off my other new kicks
i'm so totally pumped

man i'm in such a great mood today
i wish i didn't have to go to work
le sigh....

i found a "dirty bird" shirt today
grabbed it by instinct
and thought "i gotta get this for keri"
but then i remembered she's not my friend anymore

so it goes.

who wants to dance?
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