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i dreamed a dream

UPS has been invading my dreams all week. it's probably because i'm having such a horrible time there every night now and all i do is stress about it before i go to bed. still, i'm glad that i dream and can remember them. i'd be happier if i could lose some of the damn boxes though.

3 nights ago... was a sex dream--with one of my subordinates. i don't remember the sex at all, but i know it was in this shadowy place beneath the conveyors. afterward, my boss's boss came around and demanded that i (still naked) hand something to him. he couldn't see me through the shadows i guess. somehow i managed to hand whatever it was to him without being discovered by standing a certain way against the wall and reaching out to him. [this actually reminds me a lot of the time i cheated on a jr. high math test. i had the answers written on my arm but then had to put everyone's graph paper pads away on top of the file cabinets. my teacher was standing right next to me and i thought for sure i would be found out. but i guess she just thought i had some sort of shoulder injury from swimming and she offered to put the pads away for me. how nice.]

2 nights ago... was mostly just a reenactment of my night at work. we got some trucks in very late (after all the union employees had left) and had to sort out the premium service packages by hand so they would make service. the weird thing about my dream is that it wasn't set in the actually hub where i work. it was just in some plain white warehouse with lots of snow all around.

last night... was actually one of the most ridiculous dreams i've had in a long time. it started out as a reenactment of the end of my night at work. but then ben was there helping me wrap things up. and when he finished, he said he thought pixylayne might be bored so he was going to take a dvd over for her to watch. [apparently everyone was actually living in the hub. it was a little like the movie "resident evil" and it also seemed like everyone was wearing pajamas.] so he left and i was just walking around looking for something. then i discovered that i could fly. and when i did fly, i got this great tingling feeling like passing out. at some point, i got diagnosed with spinabifita (sp?) and they told me it was from flying around too much. now, i don't know what that disease is really, but in my dream it was just a rapid deterioration of the bones in my spine. so after this diagnoses, i was waiting for this trolley and my boss's boss (ken) and some other people are waiting too. then i start to get all shaky and i guess my spine pretty much fell apart. [see, i told you it was ridiculous.] ken was sort of holding my head up while i was lying on the ground and he was holding this little cloth on my forehead. slowly, i see blood seeping into the cloth and then i died.

pretty weird stuff.

not at all like the endless multitudes of boxes from my first days at UPS.

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