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Subject: because you hung up

Where to even start? I am going to find out if it was Keri who ran to
and started drama. If in fact it was Keri then I am sorry for calling
and for thinking you did this. The funny thing is that I have not
the one who ended up in a bad situation because of all of this. It
been Phil because he is Bens friend, and now has to deal with stupid
drama. Did you think everyone could hurt me and Phil would just not
Hope not because he will always be there for me, and this has all
been so
blown up, but that is why I called you so that we could talk on the
like normal people and not over the computer. I guess you hanging up
means that you do not care to back up what you type. As I have said
before there are a lot of people who have not even heard my side of
things with you. The funny thing is that if you ask what started this
... um... you blowing up over nothing. YEs, I did say that your phone
call hurt me, but I figures that telling you in an e-mail, live
and in person would make you see that I was over it. Nope, you drug
all out! SO, now all I want is for the fucking shit to stop and for
to leave me alone. I do not want mail from Ben about gossip. Oh yeah
if he was so mature then why would he even get involved? I thought I
nothing left to say to you till I read that mail. Now I say run to
because she would be friends with a gold fish it needed someone. You
running out of people to turn to fast, and soon there will be no one
you all alone. Phil and I both are tired of all this stupid shit, and
not want to hear anything more about it. I will stay out of all your
lives and you stay out of mine. I thought that was what would happen
that email full of lies. So, I am going to tell everyone who reads
Amanda, I do not want to be a part of this drama, and never did. I
to live my life because I for one am happy with my life. I do not
want to
deal with emails, or journals, or anything like that and I do not
want to
hear from anyone who had anything to do with it all again. I do not
it is too much to ask for you to give it up.

get your fucking facts straight.

i don't need that back-biting, immature, two-faced bullshit in my life anymore. that's why i was going to write those emails. because i can be friends with everyone, but i really think they deserve honesty. so that's all i wanted to do was to be honest with the people in my life. but you didn't even want to hear it...

i can't believe YOU think I am immature.

and i can't believe you think accusing me of things i didn't do (even after i told you i didn't do them) is the same as "talking like normal people over the phone." you could have asked me if i did it. you could have asked ben and jess who told them before you went around making accusations. but you didn't. that's just ridiculous. so i hung up because you weren't the least bit interested in listening to what i had to say.

and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST... i didn't blow up over anything. i'm not mad about anything. i wasn't mad enough over any of this to trash our friendship. but i was hurt that you cared so little about our friendship as to talk shit about me and insult me in public.

and when you brought up that phone call a thousand fucking times to deliberately make me feel guilty about it is kind of hard to think you're anything but pissed about it. maybe if you'd said something like "i'm not mad about that phone call anymore" instead of "and i still can't get over the fact that you called me from that party and made me feel so bad" i would have gotten your intended meaning. if you want me to understand how you feel, maybe you should try to make a little more fucking sense.

and if you don't want to be a part of this drama anymore, then i suggest you stop calling, emailing and commenting. you're only bringing it on yourself. if you want to write about it in your journal, go right ahead, because i don't read it. but if you're going to continue harassing me, then i feel i have a right to respond.

seriously, grow up.


if you have something to say to me, then say it TO ME. don't post fucking comments on LJ entries that have nothing to do with what you're talking about.

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