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because i want everyone to know

you probably saved my life last night
at the very least, you saved my skin from new cuts
and my stomach and liver from a bottle of pills

thank you

i never would have guessed it
i certainly didn't see it coming
but i can honestly say
you complete me

you're like the missing piece
to my fucked up little brain
when i hear you
when i see you
when i hold you
even when i think about you
it puts everything else into perspective

i know that i overdramatize things
but until you came along
i could never seem to stop
no matter how hard i tried

and i love
that you always seem to know
exactly what i need from you
to get back on track

and i love
that you're not trying to fix me
you're just trying to help me get by
knowing i'm the only one who can fix these things

you don't judge me
or blame me

you just love me

and i feel so lucky
and so happy

i know that i can do anything
with you beside me
i know that we can go anywhere

i only hope i can be the same strong person for you
i know you need it too

much love always.



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Apr. 21st, 2004 02:43 am (UTC)
it means a lot that you saved this as a memory. i'm so glad i made you like SO happy then. soo much love
Apr. 21st, 2004 06:27 am (UTC)
you've helped me in a way that no one else had before (at least not without destroying me first). you still make me happy now. i'm happy enough that when things aren't working out quite right, i do something about it instead of sitting quietly and hoping for the best.

please don't feel like i've given up on you, or us. i just feel like time apart is the only way for both of us to realize what it takes to make that kind of relationship work and to realize what we're willing to compromise for one another.
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