sWell (shakewell) wrote,

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cry baby

i want a ring
and a baby
and a house
and a mortgage
and a car payment
and a carpool
and a 9 to 5
and a wedding
and a honeymoon
and a two-week vacation
and a savings account
and a minivan
and a book club
and a two-car garage
and a career
and a college degree
and a girls' night out
and stock investments
and PTA meetings
and a newspaper subscription
and a set of good china
and place to put my piano
i want sectional sofas
and entertainment centers
a bedroom suit
with matching curtains
i want painted walls
and wallpaper
i want to grow up
and get rid of all these web pages
i want to stop talking about life
and thinking about life
and just start living it
i want to do my homework
and go to class
and graduate
i want to love my job
and do good work

i've been rocking this teenage angst for more than 10 years now. the indecision, insecurity, uncertainty, helplessness, rebelliousness and apathy have't gotten me anywhere.

whenever you're ready to let me, god, i'm ready to grow up.
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