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teacher appreciation

as the semester comes to a close, many students in my logic class are sending emails to my boss about help they received from other students. this is because students can receive extra credit for helping others. what's neat, though, is that several of these emails also mention me. it's reassuring to know that people think i'm a good teacher. there are a lot of times here in the lab when i think i'm not doing a very good job.

but, i guess i was wrong!

"I wanted to especially note the help I received from Amanda Miller. If she had not been available to answer questions and clarify some of the work, I most likely would not have completed my modules. She was great!

Julie Sample"

"Also, Amanda's been great, so I just thought you should know that as well.

Thank you!

Angela Green"

"Amanda Miller is an incredibly patient (and talented) TA.

If I finish this course with understandings of logical principles, it will be chiefly the credit of the above-named people.

Ellen Dahneke"

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