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i wore my tobogan to bed (and that's a hat not a sled)

i wore my new hat to bed today
i was feeling cold and sick
and needed a nap

but goddamn...

craziest nightmares/dreams i've had in months
years even

there were four people in my metro
i was in the back
shane was driving
maybe jenny ping was in the back with me
i don't know

but a miata was driving toward us down a long highway
and had some crazy wreck with a car in front of us
but they just kept driving
so shane and i call 911 on our cells
but we're out in the sticks so they just keep ringing and ringing

the miata pulls up beside us
and the driver comes up to shane's window
he's a tall skinny guy
maybe larry from UPS
i play dead in the back seat
and larry just starts punching shane in the side of the head

then there was a lot of car chases
and getting beaten up
and running over larry with the metro
he was like the fucking terminator man....

then, later, i was in this house with a bunch of friends
we were all sitting at the HUGE dining table
and i was sitting on some boy's lap
and this little blonde toddler walks up and says,
"perfect. you two can stay just like that."
the a few seconds later someone shot at us
next thing i know
i'm under the table with my face pressed to the floor
and i can feel all this blood oozing across my face
it was a lot like the scene from american beauty
where kevin spacey is laid out on the kitchen table

then i woke up
and threw up all over myself
and couldn't breathe

crazy nightmares...

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