sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 19:50 I have more jello shots than I know what to do with myloc.me/1wDU0 #
  • 20:00 PS it's always a grand time tailgating with @indymichelle and her fam. Sorry I didn't stop in to see cpet and the gang myloc.me/1wElm #
  • 06:13 @chuwie how does one even open a beer with his ear? #
  • 07:11 Got 99 problems but a Colts loss ain't one! (via @noahwesley) #
  • 10:44 wouldn't it be better to tweet to someone about your product/service rather than just adding them because they mentioned something related? #
  • 11:31 i am very anti-telemarketers today. mostly because they are not taking no for an answer #
  • 14:34 @sneakin there is a lot to learn, even in the seemingly menial burger flipping jobs! #
  • 14:43 it's so close to quitting time, i'm not going to bother with the reboot my computer desperately needs #
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