sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 00:26 up way too late reading #
  • 06:46 @indymichelle oh you bet your sweet ass i did. one full hour! #
  • 11:57 found out where the stain on my sweater came from. the same chair where i dried the sweater vest i am wearing today. ugh! #
  • 11:58 Affordable Fridays kickoff this weekend w/ $2 Budlight, hot dogs, soda, and popcorn!!! Games at 7pm against Fargo. GO ICE! (via @indianaice) #
  • 12:02 i haven't mastered the whole wake up, eat breakfast, get pretty morning routine.. but i guess i need to at least start looking in the mirror #
  • 15:28 There is just something strange about a dude driving a new beetle #
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