sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 18:06 Skipping where the wild things are for zombieland #
  • 19:23 I have to wonder if any of you idiots who said 'zombieland' was good have ever seen a good movie #
  • 19:57 Thank god that's over! #
  • 20:52 after thinking it over, i have concluded that the giant turd pile in the toilet at the skating rink was more entertaining than 'zombieland' #
  • 09:17 just renewed my pledge to support @wfyi this year. @wayword, @drshow, @waitwait and more make it worth it www.wfyi.org/pledge #
  • 09:55 @illbzo1 i know you like crappy movies, but i want to dissuade you from seeing zombieland #
  • 09:56 office cat is organized Retweeting @ICHCheezburger: bit.ly/4lhaoq #
  • 10:02 @elizabethford i was doing that last night out on east washington #
  • 10:19 @brasko19 i could never forget click & clack (they just don't seem to have twitter) #
  • 10:53 United Way's ads could feature a Hoosier. 90 & Still Teaching or 100 Black Men of Indianapolis www.liveunited.tv vote daily through Friday #
  • 14:49 off to readUP #
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