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today's tweets

  • 18:22 @OurBakeShoppe you always tweet on monday and then break my heart when i remember that you aren't open :*c #
  • 19:40 maybe i'm just selfish, but i wouldn't even consider postponing radiation treatment for brain cancer so i could see someone on jeopardy #
  • 20:03 pumping it up #
  • 20:50 definitely saving the high energy workout for times when no one else is home #
  • 21:03 @hulusupport i am logged in and accessing videos from my queue #
  • 05:46 high energy... then more bums and tums #
  • 07:08 multivitamin puke on the morning commute. goodbye, breakfast. #
  • 07:49 @kyhaulk maybe your man can help me figure out why cha cha never paid me (and siad they did) #
  • 07:51 @indymichelle will you do the fandango? #
  • 11:37 every time i eat baby carrots, i think of this lil' guy yfrog.com/5nav7mj #
  • 12:03 chewable vitamins seemed like a good idea, but it's pretty tough to take four with every meal. maybe i'll just learn to eat well some day. #
  • 13:45 ReadUP tutoring starts this afternoon and i'm really starting to panic #
  • 14:23 oh. i guess it would help if i figured out where my school is. #
  • 14:41 here goes nothin #
  • 14:59 I think it's safe to say I have not yet overcome my anxiety issues #
  • 15:34 A classroom with no clock. What is this? The BMV? #
  • 15:34 I have never introduced myself as Miss Miller #
  • 15:35 A classroom with no clock. What is this? The BMV? #
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