sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 22:03 nothing ruins dinner quite like your cat puking up what he ate of your sandwich on the rest of your sandwich. thanks, pukelid. #
  • 01:50 ok. that 4-hour post-work nap isn't really doing me any favors now. #
  • 06:30 i am walking dead today #
  • 16:09 Hey @LiveNation & @LiveNationIN I'm joining the #LNScavHunt" #
  • 16:12 I've got it! @LiveNationIN #LNScavHunt twitpic.com/ei44a #
  • 16:17 I've got it! @LiveNationIN #LNScavHunt twitpic.com/ei4um #
  • 16:25 resisting the urge to sleep all day #
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