sWell (shakewell) wrote,

take two fingers and fuck right off

i've been with dr. daniel stock, of lawrence family care, for over two years now. at first, i was comforted to have a doctor who actually had a conversation with me in the exam room (and documented the details), but, after that first visit, i realized he had an agenda of vitamins, vaccines and other additional services and actually wasn't paying all that much attention to my immediate concerns.

additionally, his office always fucks up my appointments (and tells me i canceled them) and loses my lab specimens. i've also gone about 10 rounds with them this year trying to keep my birth control prescription filled until my annual exam. today, they nearly refused to add one more refill to cover the month until they would let me schedule my next exam. what kind of responsible doctor does that? why the fuck didn't i have enough refills to start with?

so, that's it. i'm done with dr. stock.

if any of you ladies can recommend a decent general practitioner or gynecologist on the west side or in greenwood, i would truly appreciate some input.
Tags: health
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