sWell (shakewell) wrote,

the long-lost swell

so, apparently loudtwitter.com went down. that's why my daily twitter summaries haven't been posted in a few weeks.

i find it hard to sit down, now, and write a real update, even though there's a lot going on this summer.

i suppose the biggest event in recent weeks was my completion of the 160-mile rain ride. i barely finished in the allotted 14 hours (13:38), but it was about 100 miles more than my longest ride prior to that (which was the 62 miles i complete in last year's event).

truth be told, i thought about quitting even before we got started. but i didn't. i can't tell you why. maybe because i didn't want to quit in front of my coworker. maybe because i didn't want to be outdone by cycling newbie sklausing.

i still thinks it's funny that jqr is always confident of success while i'm such a consumate quitter.

anyway, life is good and it's time for bed.
Tags: bicycling, jqr, rain, sephon, sklausing
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