sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 21:10 @jayoh don't lie. furries were the next logical step in your porn evolution #
  • 07:16 twitpic.com/6nwxu - Found him under my desk #
  • 07:39 @mreea i'm pretty sure my roommates don't want me to have another. also, he's making it impossible to work today! #
  • 08:11 @niksterrr donuts are ok, but the sprinkles are what i love... and for no good reason at all #
  • 08:12 @jqr he is pretty awesome. you should come hang out with him! #
  • 08:26 twitpic.com/6nzpa - Executive cat is sleeping on the job #
  • 08:56 @indymichelle he kind of yodels on his own, which is good, because i've yet to master the art #
  • 09:10 @rebot i like the wip3out soundtrack, but it often leads to velocitation. bangin' the box albums are always great, though. #
  • 09:12 @niksterrr i agree, there's just something even sweeter about dino sprinlkes! #
  • 09:24 2111111 #
  • 09:25 execucat is helping tweet too #
  • 09:25 and headbutting everything on my desk #
  • 09:38 twitpic.com/6o3h2 - He's helping #
  • 10:30 @brasko19 one of the guys brought it in, his cat had kittens. i actually told him i couldn't take another cat, but here it is, anyway #
  • 10:31 @indymichelle i'm going to review your good gaming technique at softball tonight. hope that's not too much pressure :) #
  • 10:50 a downside of having an office cat is that there are lots more people for him to choose over me #
  • 11:43 @craigtsns after all, why should you go to jail for a crime somebody else noticed? #
  • 12:55 @playtwivia georgia #
  • 13:22 second drawback of having an office kitten: there's a lot of places for him to hide :/ #
  • 17:48 twitpic.com/6p46q - Butters is a backseat driver #
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