sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 18:31 Tuna salad spill in the car. Oh joy. #
  • 19:45 left the second half of my subway sandwich on my desk at work. rats. #
  • 19:50 wondering if lost starts now or is half over already. afraid to turn on the teevee #
  • 20:45 Watching wall-e on the laptop and hoping power returns before it dies #
  • 03:33 @brasko19 i'm at county line and 135. it was on just across the street though, of course #
  • 04:42 @browdog power came back on at 2:30, i think the food should be ok #
  • 04:43 really ought to start packing #
  • 05:34 confused about how easy it was to pack extra everything in just a carry on. surely i must be forgetting some important things. #
  • 10:34 @jqr are you buying a costume? #
  • 10:40 @rebot off to san francisco to see @Hup and @teppyrain and enjoy bay to breakers www.baytobreakers.com/ #
  • 13:44 leavin' work. not sure what i'm doing 'til my flight, but i'm definitely not working! #
  • 17:29 Looking for my doppleganger, who is being paged on another airline #
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