sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 18:53 Taco tuesday + (speed) killer bunnies + star trek (imax) = win #
  • 22:08 @brasko19 star trek was great, better if you know the show, perhaps. @jqr saw it in and out of imax and recommends the imax experience #
  • 22:10 @mreea i'm just glad i set that up in twuffer so i'd remember it. (doing it again for next tuesday too, since i didn't go today) #
  • 22:40 @teppyrain we may get a hotel for a night or two. dm me your address so we can try to get close #
  • 22:42 @teppyrain like how is this location twurl.nl/54ml0y #
  • 07:09 i'm not sure how many more mornings i can take waking up at 4:30 #
  • 10:57 indiana blood center must be desperate for platelets. they're calling me at work #
  • 14:14 dear intern: i don't care about your hot tub and i REALLY don't care about your freshman classes #
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