sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 22:18 feeling better, but still out of sorts. in every direction, i'm always falling down the same hill. #
  • 06:39 i always wake up hungry #
  • 08:05 @elise7283 i think that's the one plus to @browdog working overnight. #
  • 08:27 is actually listening to stewbot's mix this time tinyurl.com/dm5e8x. #
  • 11:18 trying to get my company to sponsor some RAIN riders from the office. #
  • 11:53 Waiting in line at the AT&T store. Ugh... #
  • 13:10 oh, panera bread, i love you so much i get bread with my bread #
  • 14:49 getting back into pandora #
  • 15:01 completely annoyed with eeo documentation #
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