sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 18:37 @edeckers do you follow people b/c you find them interesting or because you want to be popular? #calloutfollow makes me want to unfollow you #
  • 18:43 @edeckers but you don't have to follow to respond to replies and following doesn't require participation in conversations #
  • 18:46 @edeckers in any case, shaming people publicly hardly seems like the way to start a conversation #
  • 18:52 @edeckers read what interests you. retweet. talk to those you follow and respond to your followers. and be respectful, of course. #
  • 10:03 spent the morning job searching. keeping my fingers crossed for the 2nd shift job just around the corner from my 1st shift job. #
  • 11:08 pricing flights to san francisco for bay to breakers #
  • 11:16 @indymichelle thanks for the reminder. i couldn't remember the name of the other nearby airport. looks like san fran is it, though. #
  • 11:39 going to lunch because i don't even want to start these three terrible jobs i stupidly left for friday afternoon. #
  • 12:26 @LadyJay19 money money money money (money) #
  • 15:51 wondering why i'm still here #
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