sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 19:00 Just got booted from my table at brugge. Don't know why they bothered to seat me alone if a party was waiting #
  • 20:12 Overheard at dinner: "Do you want me to monkey you?" #
  • 22:18 @elise7283 i owed taxes last year (and probably this year too). it was so depressing! #
  • 22:24 home. finally. it's been a long day. tomorrow will be full of stress and more cross-town commutes. boo. #
  • 22:24 brugge's hanger steak, btw, was insanely salty and more rare than medium. i'll stick to the pomme frittes. #
  • 06:28 skipping work this morning #
  • 09:00 some of the guys not in the loop on my sick day called to check on me. isn't that sweet? #
  • 09:01 @indymichelle you could use a little color anyway. besides, i'll be plenty more jealous when you're on that cruise. #
  • 11:58 back at work. not particularly thrilled about it. #
  • 12:21 got to work just in time for a free lunch on the clock #
  • 13:13 @austroud did you get a free cookie? #
  • 14:17 @nickilaycoax like the idea of meetup, but feel like other social networks utilize the same functions + more #
  • 14:17 @angiewoo i'm taking all these tweets as an informal invite to a summer pool party at your place. #
  • 14:21 @indymojo i'm looking forward to some DDR action there soon #
  • 14:36 me and my sugar momma, we're like girlfriend and girlfriend. #
  • 14:46 @sneakin as such a renter, i have to implore you to tell me more! #
  • 14:47 @craigtsoandso sounds like my doc. "i see you put on a few holiday pounds..." :( #
  • 14:48 @elise7283 i didn't know there was a PHOTOBOOTH at The Xscape. friggin' sweet! #
  • 14:49 @angiewoo @indymichelle good game! *slap* #
  • 15:48 i think i'm going blind. it's actually kind of scary. #
  • 15:57 @indymichelle you're not going to believe this, but you can order achenbach's long johns online! where is @aimers? #
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