sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 08:38 @fetha tell me more about the "shred your x" party at 45 degrees! #
  • 08:42 considering a return to the doctor, something still isn't right. but... it's such a hassle. #
  • 09:08 loving that my cleaning service flipped the calendar pages all throughout the office. how nice! #
  • 09:19 @mrnoobie yes' 'roundabout' is a classic. i'm only slightly 25+, but i know who they are and love them. also dig 'heart of the sunrise' #
  • 09:21 feelin lucky there's a denny's right by my office. free grand slam, here i come! www.dennys.com/ #
  • 09:26 @indymichelle you're on! i'm at raymond & lynhurst now, find us a denny's in between! #
  • 09:30 @PaulPoteet i hear you're retweeting me live, on the air. neat! wish i could listen. :) #
  • 09:52 @PaulPoteet heard smiley talking facebook at xmas party, i think understanding twitter is a long way off for him (not that it's complicated) #
  • 11:27 tweeting from my brand new computer, courtesy of walsh. i'll be happy to leave my personal laptop at home from now on. #
  • 12:08 @craigtsoandso i just gave away my sandman collection #
  • 12:09 @AxSys work box got injured in the move, wasn't playing well with others/internet. too old to be serviced (02) so i got an upgrade lenovo! #
  • 12:11 @jdevl i STILL have your IN Jones set. would really love to return it to you sometime. tho, atm, it's packed away... somewhere... #
  • 13:35 @indycom i used to do my roommate's laundry for money. only i didn't so much wash it as bathe it in febreeze. #
  • 13:36 twitpic.com/1aw39 - IMG00039.jpg #
  • 13:51 ambivalent about installing apps frowned upon by IT. enjoying the fresh machine, but already sick of IE and apps in browser. #
  • 14:16 @nickilaycoax i suppose biodegradable is better than not, but graveyards are a terrible waste of space & other resources #
  • 14:35 @indymichelle i'm looking into getting a vending machine for my office. ice cream machine ftw! #
  • 14:35 @DVDQuotes Old School #
  • 14:36 making one last trip to broad ripple with @quarantine #
  • 17:30 @brasko19 IT doesn't even support the installation of firefox on company machines! #
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