sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 20:52 compiling hot jams for workouts and cool downs. please add your suggestions. (anonymous comments allowed.) thanks! twurl.nl/bhf0qv #
  • 21:06 watching doogie howser, m.d. with euclid #
  • 21:12 @WTHRcom 4 whole seasons on hulu! tinyurl.com/2etbjk #
  • 10:48 @indymichelle house is wrong all the time, but that's just how he figures out how to be right ;) #
  • 11:53 "The only advise [sic] I would give you is to make an effort to understand what we do." thanks. i advise you to make an effort to teach me. #
  • 16:43 a customer service agent acutally "i'm super. thanks for asking." #
  • 16:43 still at work. so much for getting productive on the packing. #
  • 17:59 heading straight to morty's if i ever get to leave the office. hopefully some good laughs make up for this day. twurl.nl/u3msxp #
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