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late night beneath the hunter's moon

even after the funeral
it still hasn't really sunk in
he's really gone
and no one really knows
what happened

people kept saying
"he was a good man"
and he was
as good as they come
(at least in my experience)

so smart and talented
with such a big heart
and he was always smiling
and laughing

all he wanted
was to make people happy
to contribute to society
to make this world better
and he was doing it

they read from his peace corps application
and i felt honored to have known him
i hope that i can become the person he was
we have so many of the same goals
but he was so much closer to acheiving them

talk about motivation

life really is short
no one knows what tomorrow will bring
so is this really how i want to be remembered?

working and struggling
to surround myself with things
or laughing and loving
sourrounded by friends

it's so easy to get off track
to lose sight of what's important
but this last week has been a reminder
i don't want funerals
to double as reunions

even though with all those people
we picked up right where we left off
as if no time had passed at all
it's a wonderful thing
that we can do that
but we shouldn't have to
not when they're so close physically


i know i'm always bitching
about not having friends
about being alone
but those are just words
and honestly
i know there are always people who care
i know tomorrow always brings the chance
for something better
nothing is really hopeless

it's important that i tell people
just how important they are to me
because maybe they don't know
maybe they just forgot
and maybe tomorrow i won't be able to tell them again

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