sWell (shakewell) wrote,

long lost letters

while sorting through more of the mess that is my life, i finished going through a box of old cards, letters and journals. for the most part, i'm ready to just toss it all, however, not only did i save all this crap, i also kept it sorted by person.

so, i kind of want send these piles off to their original authors.

it's not that anything in there is particularly important or that i want to rehash old relationships, but some of it is funny and touching and moving.

and, if nothing else, i guess i don't want to be the one who lays it all to waste.

so, i'm soliciting your opinions, dear readers. would it bring you any joy to know that i'd treasured something you gave me 10 years ago? would it hurt you to know i was throwing it all away?

should I send these old letters off to their authors?

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