sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 22:19 just got back from the "yes man" sneak peek. i hate to admit it, but i really enjoyed it. the company helped. thanks, indymojo.com #
  • 22:20 @indymichelle got your message too late, but thanks for asking. enjoyed our post-movie pow wow, though. see you tomorrow for round two! #
  • 22:21 @thirdshift heard you were asking after me from @jqr. thanks for the concern :) #
  • 22:30 @indybritt they never have good premieres downtown :( #
  • 22:45 @DVDQuotes Hackers #
  • 23:16 @indymichelle i wish taht MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY (the band) was easier to search for. #
  • 07:52 @WTHRcomhow do you publish a story like this and not include a photograph?! tinyurl.com/6elrut #
  • 08:21 feeling very grade school with my lemonade and cookies #
  • 10:19 Give me that thing Give it my friend Give me good good times around the bend #
  • 11:52 got overcharged at the gas station last week #
  • 11:59 and overdrafted my bank account. again. #
  • 11:59 @indymichelle it is! one of our subs has done it wrong TWICE now #
  • 12:50 RT @craigtsoandso: Arrested Development complete series on sale @ amazon for $29 today - is.gd/bZ7L - it is worth twice that easily. #
  • 13:30 with any luck, some jerk will stop short & i'll plow into them & remember my insurance has lapsed. they'll die & i'll have to live with it. #
  • 13:32 the indy superbowl logo does not impress mesnurl.com/8gp17 #
  • 14:54 going home. #
  • 16:38 Retweeting @WTHRcom: I-70 is a skating rink. Drive safe, Indy! #
  • 17:09 Retweeting @WTHRcom: I-69 North in Fishers between 116th St. and SR 238 is closed. #
  • 17:25 haggling over $12 #
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