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the frost is on the pumpkins

winter is the season of death
and so my living situation will come to an end
it turns out 7 housemates and 3 cats
it's just too much for me

not that it's the people so much
but the things that they do
(which, i suppose, IS the people)

i'm off to the southside in a few months
further from my brother
but closer to my parents
and living much more within my means
(read: a pretty shitty duplex
shared with an acquaintance)

closer to browder
not that it matters
with his crazy ass work schedule

we had our monthiversary yesterday
i wasn't able to see him
or talk on the phone
but we got a few minutes of chatting in online

thank god for the interwebs

speaking of that,
i'm doing a bit more behind the scenes on mojo
it's taxing
but rewarding too

if nothing else
it's a learning experience
and a chance to have my phone bill expensed
and i'm all about cutting costs these days

walsh work is going ok
just ok
i am anxious to learn more
but troubled by asking for instruction

halloween is coming
of all the week's worth of parties
i'm most excited about a house/dinner party
hosted by browder's friends brian and kristen
don't really know what the party will be like
but i'm looking forward to spending the time with him
and not getting too crazy drunk
like i will at the here come the mummies concert friday night

what else is new?

chauncey got his top chopped off today
and he has gone to live with mike
i will miss him terribly
but i'm glad he didn't get scrapped

school next semester
i dunno
why bother

and now you can see why i stopped writing. sheesh.


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Oct. 23rd, 2008 01:01 am (UTC)
Actually, I was really happy to see you wrote.

Write more often!
I demand it--as I'm sure you could tell by my exclamation point.
Oct. 23rd, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
You'll be saving money on gas by moving south. I hope you aren't renting a double from the shitty slumloards I had. GO back to school get your degree and so you can get that job that you'll love.
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