sWell (shakewell) wrote,

today's tweets

  • 06:46 getting into work early. wishing i had some actual work to do so i could leave early too #
  • 08:35 i am disappointed to see nin's ft. wayne show is on a tuesday night. i can't imagine who thought that made sense. boo. #
  • 10:11 shopping for a new cell phone and carrier. goodbye, for now, at&t, and goodbye, forever, motorola razr! #
  • 10:30 @jdevl it wouldn't in indy, but ft. wayne is forever away! #
  • 13:08 @quarantine i'd rather be stocking my town's museum #
  • 13:12 @alexmartianova hormones have a habit of clouding our better judgment #
  • 13:23 leaving work early and doing a little happy dance on my way out the door. #
  • 13:23 @jdevl pinata garden? where?! #
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