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“So. I'm only got a little drunk last night. If you ever ridiculous too. I went downtown to DJ lot for the fireworks, he watched from his rooftop and so was pretty fun and then we let off the wrong fireworks and not has in impressive but who doesn't want sparklers and now we had to go over to the other monkey which is kinda were I stopped him. I guess I danced on the bar maybe there was a pool too but for now I made $25 and that's actually a big mystery to me that I would like to figure out but I don't know, I was good and tired needed to cut loose. So I enjoyed myself. So I'm pretty sorry I didn't do anything to I'll regret but I don't remember everything so who knows. Anyway have a nice walk of shame this morning or I guess it was this afternoon that like calapped(?). So I had 1 those in a while. So it was good for last now I'll just so thirsty but you and I had a for the annual as to be the tea rooms black and fantastic that coming down as well so that should be pretty interesting but there will be there and apparently I hear the tea rooms have become like I guess it's the place the under apes(?) could or kinda go during the, so that should be interesting. Maybe, maybe all be a little drunk from post tonight but probably got cos I always forget. Anyway Happy 4th of July hopefully I'll see you something you could doesn't matter so and those of you are adults have a great weekend, be safe be careful and hello.”

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