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for some reason, i've been getting a lot of shit for saying i'm overweight lately. it's not like i have body dysmorphic disorder or anything, it's totally the truth. i'm 40 freakin' pounds above my ideal weight. i'm allowed to say i'm overweight, damn it!

anyway, it's so annoying that i've decided just to get back down to my ideal weight (or a reasonable bmi) and never have to have the argument again.

i've been putting time on the rower and i finally got my lazy butt on the bike trainer today. it was a much longer workout than what i normally put in on the rower. (50 minutes compared to 15 minutes average on the rower.) but i was able to get past the endurance walls, zone out and really put in some serious work.

and damn it felt good.

jqr and i planning to do a century ride (100 miles) this summer. hopefully some of our other friends will get in on it too. even if they don't, i'm sure there will be many more meetings of the pistol city massive & indy def squad in the coming months. i hear that jodie and stephanie also have bike fever. hooray for more bitches on bikes!
Tags: bicycling, health, indy def squad

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