sWell (shakewell) wrote,

i'm all over the place today

woke up with an alarming, insatiable thirst
reached blindly for a cup
now, choking on my own breath
another cup
last sip of mountain dew
bad choice
not the water i was wishing for

my allergies or sickness or whatever the fuck this is are/is starting to subside. huzzah. i was getting pretty sick of blowing my nose and coughing all night.

i don't know how to fall asleep in silence. my computer is in my old bedroom and my bed is in my new bedroom. i fell alseep on the couch, first, to put myself in the right mindset for sleep, but when i migrated to my bed, my brain switched on again. i don't know how to shut myself off at night. i talk myself through everything. anything. then it becomes tortuous because i want sleep and i know i need sleep, but i still can't shut my inner dialog off.

back to the couch. back to the tv. i'm out within minutes. it is problematic to be so addicted to noise.

but i like noise in my life. somehow, it is soothing to me. the more of other people's drama i can get mixed up in, the less i have to think about my own.

it's quarantine's birthday today. it's the first year in a while that we haven't planned something crazy. maybe it will happen anyway. i just want to go on record saying that we definitely do not need more blue, today. we may need, however, some sushi and bowling.

what we actually need, is a new roommate for ipwib manor. bridget has indirectly fucked us over again on the arrangement we had to have igg's mom move in with us. which is just totally awesome. thanks again.

anyway, if anyone is interested, holler. the room is available immediately, but the new lease wouldn't start 'til june 1.
Tags: birthday, femtron. health, igg, quarantine, sleep
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