sWell (shakewell) wrote,

the day that got away from me

it's strange to care about people i barely know at all. i know it's a mistake, too, but i can't help myself. it's just what i do, i guess.

had an anxiety attack on the drive home. i was just so afraid of of the possibilities. and i was beating myself up over not sticking around to see that everyone was adequately taken care of.

two and a half hours 'til work when i hit the pillow, but i couldn't sleep a wink. i just sat there with both hands clasped around a cell on full volume. nary a word came across the airwaves, though.

still no word, no response, actually. some info from other sources is calming, but it's also frustrating that i had to get it from there. it shouldn't be, of course, since i don't really know these people and nobody owes me anything anyway.
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