sWell (shakewell) wrote,

forty ounces to freedom

played photographer for a ridiculous house party where edward fortyhands was played. having never seen the game played, i had quite a good time watching things unfold.

but, as everyone else got drunk, i stayed sober and got tired and annoyed.

it upsets me how people who seem so genuine and kind the rest of the time can become such colossal douche bags when they get a little alcohol in them. and it's not just the typical drunk pranks, it's the stuff beyond that that really gets me. and it's the fact that they can't keep themselves from doing it, even when they know they've gone too far.

i lost a lot of respect for a lot of people last night, people i thought were my friends. but now i've seen how two-faced and cruel they truly are and i'm ashamed that i ever thought they were good people.

my judgement is shit.

however, i've never been so happy to feel alone amongst others before.
Tags: alcohol, friendship, mojo

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