sWell (shakewell) wrote,

QotD from when i had something to say

the drama-fetti was beautiful, but i don't need a pity party. - swell

i used to be a writer. i uesd to have something to say. i used to want to say it. i used to feel.

i've been quite nostalgic lately. just read through some old emails on my yahoo account. wow. i used to be so naive, so blind. but at least i was passionate.

i am fairly certain the best years of my life are over.

and they weren't all that great.

that said, i'm not really depressed about it or anything. i am empty. i am floating through the days, going through the motions.

school is going to kick my ass next semester, but that's good; i need my ass kicked.

i used to fill pages. i used to write letters, emails and blogs. now i struggle to fill this box and nearly half of it is blank lines.
Tags: life, qotd, school, writing
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