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i feel i start of nearly all of my posts with i know i haven't been posting much lately. so, i'll semi-refrain from doing so here.

life has been a strange combination of dull and hectic. i'm actually not busy at all these days with work or a social life, but i'm finding it hard to stay on top of the few tasks i am juggling. i'm sure none of you would have ever characterized me as organized or efficient, but, if you can believe it, i'm even less so these days (though i don't know why exactly).

my dreams are haunted by rock band--a game i have yet to play or even see, which i didn't even want until i found out i couldn't buy it anywhere (apart from ebay, perhaps). i am banished to solo play while all my friends and family form up wildly popular and sensational groups. it's really quite heartbreaking.

took a temp job this weekend doing data entry for an auto parts inventory. should have been pretty decent money, but i kind of got screwed over for being awesome. it was a flat rate for each day, but other people showed up late, left early and were not nearly as productive as i was. so, in addition to having to stay late, i also got the more difficult work assigned to me. don't get me wrong, i do appreciate having my talents recognized and receiving gratitude and respect, but watching someone else dick around half the day and get sent home before me for the same amount of money really pisses me off! whatever. end rant. we all know i'm not going to haggle with them over any of this, so that's said and done.

i'm still jumping through hoops to get on at martin marietta (though i'm still not sure i want the job). they require a pre-employment physical, which required a medical history, which ended up requiring me to see my regular doctor (after requiring me to pick up a fucking letter at fedex first). i am, of course, generally healthy, but i do have benign premature atrial contractions, just like 50% of the general population and, i think, nearly 100% of my friends. (for those of you not hip with medical terminology, those are heart palpitations.) well, thanks to all this hassle, you can be sure i'll think twice before i'm completely honest with my doctors again. i mean, even i knew these things were benign--they're low intensity and low frequency, they don't happen upon exertion and they're not accompanied by any other symptoms--that's why i've never discussed them with my primary care physician in the 12 years i've been having them!

anyway, my doc was pretty cool about getting me through the exam quickly and cost-efficiently. we also had some good conversations about some other issues. i really like and respect this guy. well, that is until i read the letter he wrote for martin marietta. the whole thing is only a few lines long. there's three grammatical errors and one typo. this dude is supposed to exude intelligence and capability. come on! granted, the practice of medicine doesn't really correlate with acceptable grammar and literacy, but the business of medicine should!

finally scheduled my praxis exam. (that was one of those things they kept getting lost in the shuffle.) picked up a test prep book from a friend and, for the first time, became aware of what i would actually be tested on--extremely basic english, math and compositional skills. and i do mean basic. i would have signed up for it sooner if i'd known it was going to be so ridiculously easy (and i also wasn't so lazy/scatterbrained)!

enrolled for next semester too. i think i'm in one class too many, but i can't choose which one to drop. i'm really excited to get back into japanese, but it's the one class i'm taking that isn't a requirement. so... i dunno...

i'm off work from dec 22 through new year's day. i'll be in madison definitely on the friday after giftmas for drjeffy's wedding, probably the day before to see tina and sadie, and possibly the day before that for our annual trivial pursuit extravaganza. (more on trivial pursuit later.)

as usual, i have no plans for nye. in fact, i don't even know of anything going on (though, of course, i realize there is something going on just about everywhere). i hate nye.

that pretty much sums up my life, i guess. only... not really.
Tags: dreams, drjeffy, giftmas, health, madison, martin marietta, nye, school, work

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