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first annual indymojo.com mobile halloween party

i went out, saturday night, for the first annual indymojo mobile halloween party. this was actually my first indymojo event, so i had never met any of the other 25 people on the bus. obviously, this had the potential to be quite awful for someone with as much social anxiety as me, but, truth be told, this was the best halloween ever. (well, the best one since i stopped trick-or-treating in michigan and bringing home a veritable mountain of sweet, sweet candy every year.)

we met up downtown to decorate the bus and partake in some jello shots, while we waited for hup to arrive with the keg. we popped into have a nice day cafe and bonged a few 50-cent beers, then we stopped in at ice for some VIP bottle service. once everyone had arrived, we got the show on the road to the tune of "the wheels on the bus."

our first stop was a house party south of broad ripple. now, i think these kids were fellow mojo mo'fos and i'm fairly sure they knew we were stopping by, but there is still something quite awesome about bringing a 25-strong posse into any place. we stormed the dance floor and raided the keg and jello shots. then it was onto the next stop, club party.

club party is actually just a house down the street from my place. their party was a little more popular, so me and the some of the other girls took it upon ourselves to get the word out about indymojo by papering the people and the place with website stickers. i expected people to get pissed at us, but most of them didn't even notice, despite our yelling and running around (and the mass amount of stickers on everyone and everything around us). from there, we were off to landsharks.

landsharksis a regular hangout for mo'fos on wild wednesdays, so we got vip treatment at the door and about a thousand shout outs from the dj. again, we tore it up on the dance floor, which was totally packed. it was almost too crowded to dance and definitely too crowded to hold a drink out there. still, good times... i don't know if it was the booze or the crowd or both, but it took a little longer to get everyone together when we tried to leave the bar.

so, while we waited, hup, smitty and i picked up some bread sticks from hot box pizza. the girl at the counter didn't believe us when we ordered whatever outrageous number of bags that we did. unfortunately, when it came time to carry all of them back to the bus, the boys had conveniently disappeared. i somehow managed not drop everything and not get hit by a car. everyone on the bus cheered for the surprise food and we devoured them in minutes.

once we got everyone back on the bus, we headed back downtown. we stopped along college somewhere for what we all figured was another house party. but, when we got out of the bus, it was obviously not. so, we posed for a few group photos and got back on the bus. from there, it was back to our starting point, have a nice day cafe, where we finished up the night.

it was at this last club that i began to dearly regret wearing heels. i sat down for a minute while most everyone else went to the bathroom. peakay found me there, sitting alone, and demanded that i join the gang out on the dance floor. he also bought me a drink, which was awesome, because i couldn't find my wallet at this point. i ditched my heels on the dance floor and promptly stepped on some broken glass. then eli$e made me dance in the cage with her, which actually worked out well for my tootsies.

as we parted ways at the end of the night, lots of people made a point to thank me for coming out and also to invite me specifically to some upcoming events. i can't tell you how good it felt to belong to a group of such friendly and fun people (including elle and dj, whom i haven't mentioned yet, but who both went seriously out of their way to include me when i first arrived).

so, for those of you in the indy area, might i suggest you look into indymojo if you're looking for some new friends or just a little adventure in your life.

Join Indy Mojo and my posse!

you know, as i get older and get farther away from madison, the majority of my relationships that developed there and the secondary relationships i developed here as a result of those hometown friendships, i realize that most people actually aren't fucking douche bags and i feel really sorry for my friends who never seem to escape that town and those people, despite their dislike of them. there's something seriously wrong with that place and it is not normal. [this is not to say, of course, that there aren't good people in madison and that some people aren't/can't be happy and healthy there.]

oh, speaking of madison, dave guarino is the door man at have a nice day cafe. i thought it was him when i first got to the bar at 9, but just couldn't fathom that he'd have such a job. he didn't recognize me until we came back at the end of the night (even though he checked my i.d. both times). how weird is that?
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