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so i went to some bars in broad ripple with phil and amber tonight. i didn't want to go. otherwise i would have gone out with spooge and the gang in bloomington. but i went, because they wouldn't leave me alone. i told them i only wanted to stay an hour or so, but we ended up staying until about 2. we had some good times making fun of fat chicks, and sluts, and chicks with no fashion sense. which is funny, because i'm a chick with no fashion sense. at least i'm not fat.

it's really awesome to realize i have a life without joe. that people want to hang out with me, not me-and-joe. maybe someday i really will be able to move on. not that i want to. but i guess i need to. since joe moved on a long time ago. he just didn't bother to clue me in.

maybe i don't need to kill myself afterall.

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