sWell (shakewell) wrote,

the witching hour

rent is due this week. because our landlord likes to make things as difficult as possible, we have to pay with a cashier's check (not a personal check or even a money order). in case you don't know, these things cost at least $5 each. so, instead of each of the housemates paying their share of the rent with their own cashier's check, we combine our money first a get one single check. since we decided to do it this way, two months ago, i've gotten stuck going to the bank. this is annoying for several reasons. first, both my housemates short me a dollar and the change for their thirds of the rent. second, femtron also shorts me on the bills, which we split 50/50. and, finally, i'm the one always shelling out for the damn cashier's checks. additionally, femtron likes to wait until the night of the 23rd to write me her check. this means i have to take time out of work the next day to deposit her check and take time out the 25th (our rent due date) as well, to get the cashier's check. well, technically, i guess it isn't necessary to go to the bank both days, since her checks never clear in just one day, but i always hope that they will.

thankfully, femtron agreed to "take care of rent and bills" this month. so far, that has involved her not opening any of the utility bills and telling me (six days before rent is due) to cover igg's share of the rent via passive aggressive notes on the dry erase board. the most annoying part of this is that she didn't even ask igg for the money first (or ever, actually); she just told me i needed to pay it because it "directly affects us both." if she'd only talked to igg, he'd have told her that jqr had his cash, an arrangement they'd made the week before. instead, she used her mighty powers of femme logic to determine that she's 33% responsible for rent and i'm 67% responsible, while igg, that lucky dog, isn't responsible for anything at all.

quarantine and i carved pumpkins yesterday. i made a black widow spider and he made a cute cat (complete with ears that stick out!). i meant to take pictures after dark, but forgot. so, i'll try again tonight. we're definitely going to have to carve a new batch next week, though. and, hopefully, jqr, igg and surjay will join us.

i think my housemates are going to necropolis next weekend. i do want to go to a haunted house/corn maze this year, but i can't say i really want to wait in line for hours or pay extra so i don't have to wait so long. have any of you been to necropolis? is it worth it?

i think i'm leaning toward hanna haunted acres again. i've only been on their hayride, but that was enough to scare kradams, so i'm sure their haunted houses and corn maze are much more fun. besides, five attractions for $27 sounds like a deal to me!

i'm still trying to nail down exact plans for the pre- and post-halloween weekends. there's all kinds of shit going on, but no one wants to make their plans official yet. so, what amazing things are you kids getting into? want to invite me along?
Tags: femtron, halloween, housemates, igg, kradams, quarantine, surjay

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