sWell (shakewell) wrote,

blah. blah blah blah blah.

it's been said that blogging is destroying the art of writing. i wonder what, then, is destroying my acts of blogging. (my pathetically uneventful life, i suppose.)

but... life isn't really all that uneventful. things at walsh are winding down. the job is slated to be done in a little over a month. i was supposed to hang around for the next job, but they've yet to win the bid on one (and also i mostly dislike everyone i work with these days). so, it's time to job hunt again.

filling out applications and interviewing for jobs has got to be one of my least favorite activites, by far. so, if anyone has a job for me, holla!

i tried to go back to martin marietta, but that ship seems to have sailed. what luck.


went to the opera with the fam and the house-fam. i think i could like opera, but i doubt that i will ever be impressed with the indianapolis opera company. my high school musicals had better sets and costumes, though much lousier singers.

i really do like the magic flute, though, and would be interested to see it done more professionally (and possibly not in english).


i'm sleepy. i'll save the rest of the recent events of my life for some other lackluster update.

thank you and goodnight.
Tags: opera, walsh, work

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