sWell (shakewell) wrote,

mc pee pants

so, i was thoroughly annoyed that the seat was up again when i went into the women's restroom today at work. but, as i reached to flip it down, i discovered a wasp lurking on the other side.

now, i'm not like terrified of being stung or anything, but there are a few places on my body that seem like extremely unpleasant places for stings--namely, the vajayjay and the eyeball. i once woke up with that creepy-crawly feeling on my face; i just knew it was my imagination dramatizing a stray hair or something. open my eyes... wrong! fucking asshole wasp.

anyway, i know i could just kill that wasp. wasps are slow and predictable. however, i wonder how that wasp got in there anyway... i wonder if he's not alone.

needless to say, i still have to pee.
Tags: bugs, walsh, work
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