sWell (shakewell) wrote,

a laborious holiday weekend

despite the fact that my plans were cancelled, this holiday weekend manage to bring in a lot of adventure anyhow.

saturday morning, jqr and i headed to madison for the dedication ceremony for my sister's habitat house. much like our recent trip to my baby cousin's wedding, we arrived fashionably late. unlike the wedding, however, we were still in time for the ceremony, because my silly sister overslept.

the ceremony was nothing too fancy, but i'm really glad that we could be there for tina, who seemed uneasy with all the attention.

i really am so happy for tina and sadie. i honestly don't know how my sister has managed single-motherhood as well as she has and i can't even fathom holding a job for 14 years. they really deserve to have somewhere nice to call home, for once. and i know they are truly grateful for it.

i know i don't talk about my sister much, but i really respect and admire her. i'm sure i don't tell her that enough. i know i would not survive in her shoes, but she finds a way to make it work (and to be pretty happy doing it).

the afternoon was spent, with family and friends, helping tina move. my parents were in town. my aunt mickey and cousins connie, reuben and tommy all made appearances too. many hands made light work and i don't think i've ever had such a good time helping someone else move before.

in between loads, jqr and i relived some good times at lorenz park, where we rekindled an old interest in flipping off of things. [if you're interested in seeing some faux-time-lapse photos, check these out.]

citing exhaustion and injuries that may have been related to the moving, but were probably caused by the flipping, we headed home that evening, dropping in to see fabled-roommate igg and practicing japanese along the way.

sunday morning, brought a new adventure with mr. and mrs. fleckenstein, lizzy and turtle matt. leaving three or so hours behind schedule, we headed down to edinburgh for a little canoeing. lizzy and kwisten managed to flip their own canoe (nearly ramming jqr in the process and may have been flipped once or twice after that as well. (it's miller time, bitches!) fleck stopped constantly to fish, and we eventually left them to fend for themselves. as it turns out, this was a wise decision, since we floated in about an hour and a half after we were planning.

jqr and i continued or new-found flipping tradition off of canoes, trees and the atterbury bridge. good times! unfortunately, no photo documentation exists for these excursions.

we returned home quite exhausted, but declared the day a success.

today was a day of getting things done, for me. of course, now that it's over, it doesn't seem like i've done all that much. several hours were invested in digging out the grass, weeds and trees that had taken seed in the dirt along our curb. this was no easy task (some of the weeds were several feet tall!), but it turned out to be more manageable than i thought.

i don't know why i'm so interested in making the house look nice, but it's fulfilling to have something to keep me occupied all the time. it's much less satisfying, however, spending my money on curtains, blinds, cleaning products and tools to make this house my home. oh well. that's life, i guess.

i was also productive in the kitchen today. sort of. i cooked tofu for the first time ever, for stir fry. it was not a complete success, but it was definitely an edible learning experience. i also made those chocolate/peanut butter/butterscotch rice krispie treats (some call them scotharoos). they are pretty much trash, since i scorched the chocolate and probably didn't buy the right sweetness of chips anyway.

one thing i learned from this: don't double the recipe the first time you make something.
Tags: adventures, cooking, dad, family, fleck, flip mode squad, igg, jqr, kwisten, lizzy, madison, millers crossing, mom, road trips, sadie, tina, turtle matt
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