sWell (shakewell) wrote,

office ice caps

the thermostat for our office is across the hall (where it is markedly colder). it's colder than i would like it in my office, but it's tolerable. well, today, i walked across the hall into the coldest office in our suite. man, oh man! it was unbearable for me after just a few seconds.

i told blake, who sits right in front of the thermostat, how cold i thought it was in there. "i know!" he exclaimed. "i've got goosebumps. poor max had to go out in the field, because he couldn't take it anymore."

i asked why he hadn't turned the thermostat up and he truly looked as though that particular thought had never crossed his mind. in fact, he'd actually forgotten where the thermostat was.

it's now 71 degrees in here, which is still much cooler than i'd like, but at least i can feel my fingers again.
Tags: walsh
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